Not all experiences are meaningful.
We’ll steer you towards ones that are.

We’re not digital nomads. We’re regular schmucks who have saved up those vacation days and done the delicate balance of leaving the country in between major projects. Sometimes we’re frugal but we splurge on experiences that are meaningful to us. We’re passionate about many things (think nature, museums, cocktails) and like all nerds, want to share them with you. We travel solo, but won’t judge if you take your friends on your adventure. There’s a whole world out there--we don’t care how you see it, just that you experience it.

On the word tourist.

Merriam Webster, Twitter’s sassiest dictionary, defines tourist as “one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture”. Somehow that word has been twisted to represent the worst of all possible people and experiences. While it’s been maligned in the travel community, we wholeheartedly embrace the exuberance of the tourist. We do the tourist things because the classics are classics for a reason. Because we’re cool enough to skip work to drink Rose and eat oysters. But we’re not so cool that we would go to Ireland and not kiss the Blarney stone. So come on. Embrace meaningful experiences.